Convert hex of Windows FILETIME into human readable view. Input hex type of data at little endian, push "conv" button, then display a converted date/time in 100 nano seconds.This page is designed that you copy a value in EnCase Hex View and paste to input form in this page. Space characters are allowed in input data, but do not prepend "0x".

Default Input/Output value is 0 of Unix timestamp (i.e. 1970/01/01 00:00:00)

Windows Time(64bit):

Output: 1970/01/01 09:00:00.0000000 JST (UTC+9)
Input: 00803ed5deb19d01
Flip: 019db1ded53e8000
Int: 116444736000000000
Unix Timestamp(Int): 0



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Fix the handling of less than second


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